Servo Valves

Explore multiple technologies for hydraulic
closed-loop motion control that can help you
obtain the highest performance and functionality
for your application.

Digital Control Valves and Axis Control Valves

Advanced Intelligence for the Highest Level of Functionality
Closed-loop electro-hydraulic control products for industrial machinery that can be used with either fieldbus or analog communication interfaces. Moog offers high performance functionality including improved dynamics, easy parameter tuning and adaptation of flow curves. Axis Control Valves use a powerful embedded controller to close the external control loop in terms of position, force or velocity for hydraulic control. 

Electrical Feedback Valves (EFB)

Integrated Electronics and Flexible Options
Closed-loop electro-hydraulic control products for industrial machinery with integrated electronics onboard (OBE) and electrical feedback using a spool position transducer. These valves offer very high accuracy and repeatability in controlling flow and pressure. Moog offers a wide selection of models with Direct Drive or pilot-operated technologies and many sizes, fail-safe options, and certifications (e.g. ATEX, IECEx). 

Mechanical Feedback Valves (MFB)

Nozzle Flapper Technology for High Accuracy and Long Life

Closed loop electro-hydraulic control products that incorporate a mechanical spool position feedback device which provides for flow or pressure outputs that are proportional to the electrical input. Accurate control of flow or pressure, delivering high flow or pressure gains as well as quick reversal of flow, make this technology ideal for position or force control. 


Aerospace Servo Valves

High Reliability Designs with Proven Heritage

Moog offers a wide range of products for flow and pressure control designed and qualified to rigorous aerospace standards. These products have demonstrated reliable operation under the severest environments including high pressure and temperature extremes. Common applications include flight control, engine control, thrust vector control and braking and steering.